Disto is the main character of his comics. He is a blob that resembles an evolution of the pokemon ditto. You may find Disto popping up in almost all joe's desk co. products!

Height: 3ft. 3in.
Weight: 347 lbs.
Debut Comic: Disto Watches
Age: 22 (4 weeks older than Lastic)

Appearence: disto looks like a pinkish blob drooping with ooze. He has a creepy red smile and tiny stubby hands, both with auto- mail. It is also noted that disto used to have short blonde hair.

Skills: disto contain a variety of weapons and combat skills. He can transform his appearance to look like any person he met. He also can absorb people by hugging them, and can fire kamehameha lazers. Disto is also skilled with auto-mail arm combat.

Family: Disto is related to the immortal black lady as her son, Lastic is his adopted brother, and the boyfriend of Dista. We are unsure if disto is blood related to Mark henry. Puun Puun is Disto's pet.


Disto can take the form of anything he's seen, but in one comic, he takes the form of Mrs.Claus, who he never met.

In one comic, Disto had a spot on his tummy, but it was later removed so disto can keep a simple appearance.

Along with Lastic, Disto used to be able to go super saiyan, but this was forgotten.

Disto is perverted, and is seen many times watching porn, but in one comic, he threw up as he read lastic's play boys.

There was once a comic where Disto was having a sexual relationship with Lastic, but we don't speak of that....

It was once said that if disto said more than 50 words without pausing and saying "disto...", he would explode. However, this never happened.