Disto V.S Mewtwo 3 is the fourth movie of the attitude era. It is the only movie with a human main character.

PLOT: In hell, Mewtwo is being repaired by the devil. He has suffered two beatings before and is in horrible condition. Meanwhile, Yuri Kyozoki is strolling on the beach. She stumbles across a flattened disto laying in the debris of a collapsed cave. (see disto vs mewtwo 2 to understand the cave part) The disto's last words were, "Catch a ditto...and bring it to my ashes........" before he died. Yuri did so, afraid of being haunted by the disto's soul, but was stopped on her way back to the dead disto. MechaMewtwo stood there, sent up from hell, and was ready to unleash his wrath on the world. Yuri battled the MechaMewtwo with Ditto, but failed. MechaMewtwo stepped on yuri's throat, crushing her windpipe. Meanwhile, Ditto crawled into Disto's ashes. The spirit of disto filled ditto's body, evolving it. Now an even stronger Disto stood there. Mechamewtwo turned around, but was easily knocked down by Disto. They both rolled around, smashing eachother into buildings and fighting. In the end, MechaMewtwo had won, but not before Yuri tossed a little of the old disto's ashes she had saved in a jar at the new disto. He was revived and crushed MechaMewtwo in an instant, and the movie ended with Disto squirming away into the sunlight.

RATE: "A heart touching classic"- NY Times

MAIN CHARACTERS: Yuri, Disto, MechaMewtwo, Ditto