Height: 3ft. 9in.
Weight: 67 lbs.
Debut Comic: "Relinquished"
Age: 19

Ginger is the girlfriend of Lariat, the brother of Lastic, red head, and Mustang, and the daughter of JUDGE. She appears to be one of the strongest female characters of the series.

APPEARENCE: Ginger is just like any other typical goth hoodlum. She has pale white skin, dark rings around her eyelids, Orange hair, and two yellow cheeks. She also wears ripped jeans, a watch, and a torn T-Shirt. ( in gen 4 she has an auto mail and a skull on her shirt, which becomes dark blue.)

SKILL: Ginger is very skilled in street fighting, mostly because JUDGE physically, verbally, and ( you know how) abused her. She also can use a sword very skillfully, and in Gen4, she can use blood alchemy and fight well with auto-mail.

FAMILY: As mentioned above, she is Lastic and Red Head's brother along with Mustang. She is also the daughter of JUDGE.


  • Ginger was tempted by red-head and remained a villian until the end of the millenium era.
  • In one comic, ginger's right arm was torn off, but while she was at lastic's house, it appeared that it was her left arm.
  • Ginger isn't technically a ginger because she lacks freckles.