Hoppip's "charming" appearance

Hoppip is a new major character in the disto series. He first appeared in the July 9th comic special- "Torture The Squids", in which he caught the eye of Ginger.
Height: 2ft. 0in.
Weight: 12 lbs
Debut Comic: "Torture the Squids"
Age: 21

APPEARENCE: Hoppip looks like a plump, little pink monster with two ivy leaves on his head. He has large cat-like ears and a tiny tail. Unlike all other Hoppips, this one has extra large kirby feet and a yellow spot on his stomache. This Hoppip also has different shaped eyes. 

SKILLS: Hoppip can whip-up tornadoes with the leaves on his head. He also is fonsidered the hottest guy on the planet by many fangirls, and is the backup rapper for "Torture The Squids", giving him the name "hip-hop hoppip". He can blast small ki-blasts and use pokemon moves like razor leaf and solarbeam.

FAMILY: It may be soon that He becomes Ginger's boyfriend, but the new era isn't out yet as of 7/19/13


• Hoppip is a professional hiphop artist.

• Hoppip actually Does NOT like Ginger.