Height: 4ft. 2in.
Weight: 99 lbs.
Debut Comic: "Relinquished"
Age: 21

Lariat is the boyfriend of Ginger and the ( rumored ) brother of Tarnation. He is also known as the "Yamcha" of the series.

APPEARENCE: Lariat looks a LOT like Lastic, except maybe a little different. He has an odd pattern on his head, along with a stripe on his appendage. He has 2 wristbands on each arm. His skin color consists of a lighter blue, almost gray.

SKILL: Lariat is often made fun of for lack of skill, but he actually is one of the fastest characters in the universe ( Next to gigalastic and Jet Jagulastic ). Lariat can also fire tiny short-range ki blasts.

FAMILY: Lariat is the boyfriend of Ginger and may, in fact, be the brother of Tarnation.


  • Lariat is so far the only character to have an Instagram. Follow @Lariatstagram
  • Unlike Lastic, Lariat is more comical than serious. However, both are the most compared duo in history of Disto.
  • Lariat may be weak (even his girlfriend can beat him), but he always stands up for people in need.