Height: 4ft. 1in.
Weight: 81 lbs.
Debut Comic: Sunday Strips
Age: 21

Lastica is the ninth pedorabbit made in the whole series. She has made her first appearence in Relinquished.

APPEARENCE: Lastica looks like your typical pedorabbit, except for minor details. She has long blonde hair with both sides ending in ponytails. She wears jeans, sneakers, and a red sweater.

SKILLS: Lastica can put up a decent fight, but is considered pretty weak. In one relinquished comic, she managed to shoot miniature ki blasts, but has never bedn seen doing this again. Lastica also can use a sword.

FAMILY: She is the girlfriend of Lastic and the son of Leo. Lastica may also be the cousin of lariat.


  • Lastica, for reasons unknown, hates Ginger. In fact, Ginger even killed Lastica!
  • Lastica may be Lastic's girlfriend, but she banged Disto once.
  • It is obvious that Lastic is the steriotype of a slut: She dated and banged 13 people, Dressed oddly in some comics, and she even stripped on the cover of a Disto comic!