Height: 4ft. 5in.
Weight: 234 lbs.
Debut Comic: "Terror of Mechalastic 3"


Mechalastic three is the third-generation upgrade to mechalastic. He appears only in two movies: Terror of Mechalastic 3 and Disto: FINAL WARS. Is also known as Kiryulastic.

APPEARENCE: Mechalastic has a shiny metallic body with a tail-like appendage running down his neck. His eyes are yellowish and so are the patterns on his body. Mechalastic 3 also has 1-hand replaced with a gun that fires the FINAL ZERO cannon.

SKILLS: Much like the two previous Mechalastics, Mechalastic3 is armed with an UNBELIEVABLE ammount of ammunition and lasers. He can shoot electric out his eyes and fire rockets from his back. Mechalastic 3's ultimate trump-card is his FINAL ZERO cannon, a huge Lazer beam that freezes anything on contact.

FAMILY: Mechalastic 3 would technically be classified as the son of Mechalastic 2, as he was made from his remains. This also means Mechadisto is Mechalastic 3's son.


  • The FINAL ZERO cannon can freeze anything to death, reducing even lastic in FIRE POWER mode to -1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 degrees celsius! That's even colder than the surface of Pluto times 100! Maybe even 1000! Or even 10,000!
  • Mechalastic 3 is one of the only characters who survived being eaten by Disto, the others being Lastic, The Immortal Black lady, and Gyaos.