Height: 4ft. 9in.
Weight: 91 lbs.
Debut Comic: "Relinquished"
Age: 1,500

If you could describe tarnation with one word, it would be EVIL. Tarnation was bullied as a kid, and eventually sold his sold to Aries, The god of hell, giving him powers. He is the main villain of Relinquished.

APPEARENCE: Tarnation looks like a dark version of lastic with many patterns and stripes. His eyes have two scars with no pupils, and he has four tentacles attatched to his back. Tarnation also has the underworld logo on his stomache.

SKILLS: Tarnation can possess souls and use blood alchemy, much like the people of his clan. He can teleport and also unleash negative energy explosions.

FAMILY: Tarnation's family is unknown, but it is said that he shares a relationship with Lariat.


  • Tarnation is rumored to be Lariat's brother, as shown in one comic when Lariat approaches him and says, "You should have stayed with my family, but you broke apart."
  • Tarnation can Teleport, but for one scene he was locked up in an asylum in which he sits in the corner plottting an escape.